Home Construction/Renovation Tips

Home Construction/Renovation Tips

Prevent Wildlife Invasions In Your Home

For those who live in areas that border national parks, or live close to bush land, forest or generally less urban city areas, then wildlife will be a part of your home environment. It can be a wonderful way to connect to nature and be close to some native animals near your home, however, when it comes to wildlife entering your home space, this can lead to damage, and sometimes animal borne sickness. In order to protect your home from unwanted visitors, there are a number of actions you can take to make your home safe and secure.


One method is being aware of how you may be drawing animals in through feeding. If you like to feed your animal friends, then it is suggested to keep the attention just on the birds (in bird houses or baths) and avoid drawing larger animals in such as bears, raccoons, dear or other larger native animals in your area. This also means keeping tabs on your bird feeding mechanisms, as these animals can sometimes be lead to your home by these feeders, and stay in your space in expectation of more food. Similarly, if you are feeding your pets, then it would be best to feed them inside and store the food inside in a secure place.


If you are still experiencing difficulty with animals coming into your home space, then be sure to check that access points to your house (especially basements or attics) are sealed well. Window and door screens are very helpful for this.


It can be great to live among nature and wildlife, and develop connections to the life that surrounds your home environment, though to ensure safety of your home, your family and yourself, it is necessary to be smart about making sure access to your internal living space is secure.


If you are struggling with pest control, reach out to a professional: www.perschelandmeyer.com

Home Construction/Renovation Tips

What Are Fire Alarm Systems?

In standards of health and safety around the world, public and private buildings are required to have some form of fire safety mechanism, usually as a fire alarm system. These systems provide the necessary safety measure to alert emergency services and residents in instances of potential and serious fire occurrences. Fire alarm systems come in a range of modalities, depending on the building type and size, but all are all designed with the same general operating mechanism. Fire Alarm systems detect the signs of a fire or early combustion and notify both the occupants, and in many cases, emergency personnel, of the emergency.


With advancements in technology, as well as evolutions based on previous systems failures and successes, there are always new laws and regulations brought out each year, in each region of the world, for the standards and operations of these fire systems.


Codes for these systems need to be changed every few years for the general model of the fire alarm system, though this standard varies according to the region of operation. It is advised that for buildings that do not yet have an alarm system, or for those in the construction process, to consult a professional in order to make sure you are in line with your own particular region’s Fire Codes and Standards. Your building can be evaluated for advice on which system would be the best fit for you. Also, being aware to maintain your system with the current standards as they change is necessary so that you are protected in a legal manner, as well as being physically protected from a possible emergency.

Home Construction/Renovation Tips

Storm Water Drainage – What You Need To Know

For home builders and renovators, it is pertinent to consider a storm water drainage system for in or around your home or business. For climates and locations especially prone to adverse weather, it can be an extremely effective addition to any structure to ensure damage prevention from harsh storm water. Nowadays, most new structures seriously consider this inclusion to the building process in some way or another, in order to guard against the long term potential damages that can come from water issues.


Structures with large flat roofs often need storm drainage in order to clear trapped water, as the risk of water pooling on the flat surface and causing a heavy weight to damage the structure is high with severe rainfall. Roof drains are many and varied, depending on the size and function of the structure. There are also vertical drains available, which carry water into a much larger building drain below ground. These are known as Rain Water Leaders.


Storm water may not be a high concern for all homes and buildings, though in the construction process, there can be systems put in place that are effective for not just dealing with adverse storm water, but other water damage risks. Weeping Tile is a construction component that is placed around the foot of a wall during the building process of the foundations. This ensures that ground water is trapped and drained before the water can penetrate the foundation. Other forms of drainage are gutter systems and downspouts. These can be connected to the weeping tile also. For larger, more public buildings, a Storm Sewer is a drainage system, which begins outside the building, leading the storm water to a public system.


It is apparent that there are many types of drainage systems for storm water, and choosing the right one for your property requires a consideration of multiple factors, including location, building style, size and personal preferences. For professional help when considering leaks, contact the Leak Doctor.

Home Construction/Renovation Tips

Green And Cool: Advantages Of Alternative Roofing Options

There are a myriad of options when selecting a roof type for personal home and business properties, with alternative, modern technology offering great advantages for specific climates and functions. Green and cool roofs are fast becoming a popular option for modern day roofing. Cool roof systems reflect heat and sunlight back to the atmosphere, they use light – coloured paints, roof tiles, and other coatings. Green roofs absorb the sunlight before it enters the structure, with vegetative plant life reducing reflective heat. Both options work to stabilize the air temperature above the roof so that it does not add to a green-house heating effect for the entire building.


The aesthetics of these roof systems are a major pull for those considering utilising these options, with green and garden roof systems being a space to enjoy. They are also energy efficient, reducing energy bills by decreasing the need for air conditioning, and aiding to environmental sustainability by preventing power outages by reducing local air temperature. Apparently when used on a power plant, some emissions such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide can actually be reduced through these roof systems. The demand on storm drainage is also reduced with having a green roof system in an area, with the water run off lessoning with the green roofs holding 50-60 percent of storm water.


These roofs, however, do boast some cons which need to be considered when making the decision. Do your research thoroughly to ensure that the climate and environment is the right fit, as well as maintenance and budgeting considerations. Some roofs will need irrigation systems and especially vegetation rich roofs may need regular maintenance.

Home Construction/Renovation Tips

Why Simpson Strong Tie Hardware and Fasteners Could Save Your Home

We’ve all seen the dramatic and powerful effect of natural disasters. Whether it’s high winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, or any type of natural disaster, you want to guarantee that you and your home are tough enough to withstand any test.


That’s why you’ll want to choose Simpson Strong-Tie structural products for your construction needs. But you might be wondering how these products are any better than other brands and why you should even care. There are quite a few reasons that Simpson Strong Tie hardware is something you’ll want to consider. Renovation


Purchase From A Company You Trust


Advanced Structural Connectors is a local family business serving Central Florida for more than 20 years. They are a Simpson Strong-Tie distributor, which have been manufacturing building products for more than 50 years. Rising from this accrued experience, Advanced Structural Connectors is considered the number one company for structural hardware distribution. Additionally, the Simpson Strong-Tie company is leading the path in structural systems testing, innovation, and research. And if that wasn’t sufficient enough, they are one of the largest structural building product suppliers on the planet. That’s a lot of credibility.


Protect Your Home


Even though these products can be applied to most structural masses, you probably are most apprehensive about protecting your home. You’ve invested a huge amount of money into this place that shelters you, your family, and all your precious possessions. Emergencies can take place at any given moment in time. Don’t you want to feel prepared and safe? Because natural disasters can strike when we least expect it, people have repeatedly found themselves to be passive witnesses to these situations. But you can be active!


Advanced Structural Connectors has witnessed first-hand what disasters like Florida hurricanes can deliver; that’s why they have a primary objective to distribute the best possible products.


They Focus On Their Products


Advanced Structural Connectors and Simpson Strong-Tie believe in quality over quantity. That’s why they center on only hardware, structural connectors and fasteners. By concentrating in on these products, they’re able to be the specialist in their industry. Yet another reason to trust in the quality they guarantee.


But What If My Structure is Built Already?


If your home or other structure is presently built, is this information even relevant? Yes, it is! Advanced Structural Connectors can still help you strengthen your building. Don’t ever assume it’s too late to defend your home.


Advanced Structural Connectors is the distributor you want for the safest, most durable, and overall best products to stabilize your home or other building. Don’t be one of the unlucky many, who fail to take precaution before emergencies happen and are left devastated. Invest in Simpson Strong-Ties today, for a more secure tomorrow.


When it comes to your investments, you never want to settle for less. Contact Advanced Structural connectors at (407) 832-7728 for additional information on how your structure can be tough, sturdy, and durable. Or you can click here to visit the website for specific details on what products are offered and distributed.