Enjoy your Garden Patio longer with a Gas Patio Heater

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Enjoy your Garden Patio longer with a Gas Patio Heater

Walkout deck with patio areaWith the new trend in outdoor living spaces, which has undoubtedly been by TV Gardening DIY programs, people are spending more money on garden and patio areas. With a wide selection of landscaping products, lighting, decorations and garden accessories available in the market today, creating an inspirational outdoor living space is something we can all do.

Some of the latest innovations are garden heating products which allows us to spend more time enjoying our garden or patio area. Gas patio Heaters provide instant heat and warmth during the cooler seasons throughout the year. On days when the temperature is not as warm as you would like, the patio heater can be turned on to give off a heat circle of around 6 meters. This allows you to remain comfortable when it gets cooler out.

When choosing a gas patio heater, always ensure that it has the necessary safety features such as:
• Should have a tilt sensor, which will cut off the gas and flame if the patio heater is knocked or blown over while in use
• Should have an auto shut off switch will cut off the gas if the flame is blown out.

Patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes, but by far the most popular are the upright standing heaters. Because there are so many different options, you will be able to find the right one to match your surrounding decor. Finished gas patio heaters usually range from powder coated to the more expensive stainless steel models. The main difference in finishes will also likely determine the life of the heater itself. Stainless steel patio heaters look the most impressive and will keep their luster for many years. Powder coated patio heaters tend to weather slightly quicker and will rust if the powder coating is damaged.

Table top heaters are very popular but are much smaller than the bigger patio heaters. They are a very effective way of providing heat to people immediately around the garden table.

One way to ensure the life of your patio heater is to purchase accessories such as covers ( which are a must if you intend to leave it outside during the winter), wheels – which will enable you to easily move the heater around the garden, ballast tanks which give extra stability and most good patio heaters actually come with a gas bottle regulator installed and ready for easy attachment.

Patio heaters run off bottles gas, mainly butane but sometime propane which is widely available in the US and most other countries. The regulator will typically attached straight onto the bottle and is easy to install. Gas regulators are supplied by all gas bottle suppliers, but ensure that you take you gas bottle along to the dealer as there are varying sizes of bottle head.

Patio heaters require very little maintenance if any at all, and will extend your time you can spend in your garden or on you patio.

Some safety points worth remembering are:

• Position in a fairly sheltered area, as this will both reduce the likelihood of damage in strong winds and also increase the amount of ambient heat output.
• If the heater is outdoors during the winter, buy a patio heater cover and protect you heater with it.
• Always leave the gas bottle in the heater to give it extra weight.
• If you patio heater comes supplied with a ballast tank in the base, fill it with sand or if none is available, use water but mix car anti-freeze with it, otherwise the tank may crack when freezing occurs in winter.
• Do not let children use the patio heater as a toy or climbing frame.

Enjoy long nights throughout the year with your patio heater – your life will take a new turn into outdoor living.