Prevent Wildlife Invasions In Your Home

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Prevent Wildlife Invasions In Your Home

For those who live in areas that border national parks, or live close to bush land, forest or generally less urban city areas, then wildlife will be a part of your home environment. It can be a wonderful way to connect to nature and be close to some native animals near your home, however, when it comes to wildlife entering your home space, this can lead to damage, and sometimes animal borne sickness. In order to protect your home from unwanted visitors, there are a number of actions you can take to make your home safe and secure.


One method is being aware of how you may be drawing animals in through feeding. If you like to feed your animal friends, then it is suggested to keep the attention just on the birds (in bird houses or baths) and avoid drawing larger animals in such as bears, raccoons, dear or other larger native animals in your area. This also means keeping tabs on your bird feeding mechanisms, as these animals can sometimes be lead to your home by these feeders, and stay in your space in expectation of more food. Similarly, if you are feeding your pets, then it would be best to feed them inside and store the food inside in a secure place.


If you are still experiencing difficulty with animals coming into your home space, then be sure to check that access points to your house (especially basements or attics) are sealed well. Window and door screens are very helpful for this.


It can be great to live among nature and wildlife, and develop connections to the life that surrounds your home environment, though to ensure safety of your home, your family and yourself, it is necessary to be smart about making sure access to your internal living space is secure.


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