Spring Cleaning: A Checklist – Original

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Spring Cleaning: A Checklist – Original

The List You’ll Need To Spring Clean

It’s that time of year that everyone loves to hate…. spring-cleaning! Maybe you have had years of experience with the daunting task or maybe it’s your first time doing the chore. Either way, it is absolutely positively no fun.

Spring cleaning womanRegardless of whatever living situation or experience level you are at, a cleaning checklist can come to be a huge help. A few specific spots in your house are easy to be overlooked, even for the most experienced spring cleaners. You also have to keep in mind that your house is always changing. The change might be new furniture, a new TV, or even wood floors instead of carpet. Before you start cleaning, take a look at some of these spring-cleaning chores that you may have forgotten about. This will help you better organize your overall spring-cleaning time.

I – Outdoors

Is the outside of your house on your spring-cleaning agenda? You might be surprised about what you forgot to clean outside. The outside furniture can get real dirty very quick. How you decide to clean them depends on how dirty that outside furniture is at the time of spring-cleaning. If it is not too dirty, cleaning them can be as simple as hosing them off. If they are dirtier though, then cleaning could come a bit more complicated. You would have to resort to using a special cleaning product to tackle that task.

A great trick if you have plastic outdoor furniture is mixing weaker bleach and water solution in order to take care of mildew and algae that comes with it in time.  You may need to purchase a quality mold and mildew cleaner if this quick solution doesn’t work.  This solution could as well be targeted on water resistant covers on cushions. If you have iron furniture then it might need a touchup with some black enamel paint after you have completed cleaning it.

Any house that has an outside deck needs a power washer to easily reduce cleaning time. Power washing your outside deck, driveway, porch, or steps should always be apart of your spring cleaning. You should also add a coat of some type of insect proofing product to your deck or porch area as well. One last thing to not forget while concentrating on spring-cleaning the outside of your house is washing off all outside mats. You would be amazed with how much dirt can get collected in them in a short amount of time.

II – Indoors Floors
That dirt that gets trapped in the outside mats is just a small portion of the amount of dirt that comes in the house. The build up of dirt can destroy your hardwood floors and carpet up if you are not careful. You need to deep clean all the rugs (especially the area by the front door) with a strong product. Don’t forget about hardwood or linoleum floors either. The hardwood can be mopped using oil soap mixed with water and the linoleum can be mopped with whatever cleaner you might choose.
While cleaning floors, you might forget about the areas that are covered…including your bed. This is often times a place that can get extremely dirty due to people just forgetting about it. Make sure to clear everything out from under the bed and thoroughly clean underneath. If you have hardwood floors, don’t leave out mopping under the bed as well.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with to many cleaning projects, you may want to consider hiring a local cleaning company.  There is a lot of companies to choose from.  Many are great companies and provide a wonderful service, make sure you do your research.

For more complex job such as marble floor polishing or tile and grout cleaning services, make sure you contact a professional stone craftsmen in your area.  Ensure they are licensed and insured with plenty of years experience.