What Are Fire Alarm Systems?

In standards of health and safety around the world, public and private buildings are required to have some form of fire safety mechanism, usually as a fire alarm system. These systems provide the necessary safety measure to alert emergency services and residents in instances of potential and serious fire occurrences. Fire alarm systems come in a range of modalities, depending on the building type and size, but all are all designed with the same general operating mechanism. Fire Alarm systems detect the signs of a fire or early combustion and notify both the occupants, and in many cases, emergency personnel, of the emergency.


With advancements in technology, as well as evolutions based on previous systems failures and successes, there are always new laws and regulations brought out each year, in each region of the world, for the standards and operations of these fire systems.


Codes for these systems need to be changed every few years for the general model of the fire alarm system, though this standard varies according to the region of operation. It is advised that for buildings that do not yet have an alarm system, or for those in the construction process, to consult a professional in order to make sure you are in line with your own particular region’s Fire Codes and Standards. Your building can be evaluated for advice on which system would be the best fit for you. Also, being aware to maintain your system with the current standards as they change is necessary so that you are protected in a legal manner, as well as being physically protected from a possible emergency.