Why Simpson Strong Tie Hardware and Fasteners Could Save Your Home

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Why Simpson Strong Tie Hardware and Fasteners Could Save Your Home

We’ve all seen the dramatic and powerful effect of natural disasters. Whether it’s high winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, or any type of natural disaster, you want to guarantee that you and your home are tough enough to withstand any test.


That’s why you’ll want to choose Simpson Strong-Tie structural products for your construction needs. But you might be wondering how these products are any better than other brands and why you should even care. There are quite a few reasons that Simpson Strong Tie hardware is something you’ll want to consider. Renovation


Purchase From A Company You Trust


Advanced Structural Connectors is a local family business serving Central Florida for more than 20 years. They are a Simpson Strong-Tie distributor, which have been manufacturing building products for more than 50 years. Rising from this accrued experience, Advanced Structural Connectors is considered the number one company for structural hardware distribution. Additionally, the Simpson Strong-Tie company is leading the path in structural systems testing, innovation, and research. And if that wasn’t sufficient enough, they are one of the largest structural building product suppliers on the planet. That’s a lot of credibility.


Protect Your Home


Even though these products can be applied to most structural masses, you probably are most apprehensive about protecting your home. You’ve invested a huge amount of money into this place that shelters you, your family, and all your precious possessions. Emergencies can take place at any given moment in time. Don’t you want to feel prepared and safe? Because natural disasters can strike when we least expect it, people have repeatedly found themselves to be passive witnesses to these situations. But you can be active!


Advanced Structural Connectors has witnessed first-hand what disasters like Florida hurricanes can deliver; that’s why they have a primary objective to distribute the best possible products.


They Focus On Their Products


Advanced Structural Connectors and Simpson Strong-Tie believe in quality over quantity. That’s why they center on only hardware, structural connectors and fasteners. By concentrating in on these products, they’re able to be the specialist in their industry. Yet another reason to trust in the quality they guarantee.


But What If My Structure is Built Already?


If your home or other structure is presently built, is this information even relevant? Yes, it is! Advanced Structural Connectors can still help you strengthen your building. Don’t ever assume it’s too late to defend your home.


Advanced Structural Connectors is the distributor you want for the safest, most durable, and overall best products to stabilize your home or other building. Don’t be one of the unlucky many, who fail to take precaution before emergencies happen and are left devastated. Invest in Simpson Strong-Ties today, for a more secure tomorrow.


When it comes to your investments, you never want to settle for less. Contact Advanced Structural connectors at (407) 832-7728 for additional information on how your structure can be tough, sturdy, and durable. Or you can click here to visit the website for specific details on what products are offered and distributed.